Project and Resource Listings

This catalog was originally seeded from John Levin’s Anterotesis DH GIS Projects list and contributions to the DiRT Directory that were identified as geospatial. We are seeking contributions to this list with focus on projects, tools, and resources in the DH community that include spatial, spatial-temporal and “placial” perspectives. Please suggest a new resource using the following form.

Addressing History – Scotland
AfricaMap – Africa
Animated Atlas of African History – Africa
Archivo Memorias de la Patagonia Austral – Argentina and Chile
Atlantic Networks Project – location
Atlas Cartografia Histórica – Portugal
Atlas of Literary Landscapes of Mainland Portugal – Portugal
Atlas of Digital Humanities and Social Science / Atlas de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades Digitales – Global
Atlas of Early Printing – Europe
Atlas of Sources and Materials for History of Old Poland – Poland
Authorial London – England
Digital Atlas of European Historiography – Europe
Exploring the Vilnius Ghetto – Vilnius
Falmouth Project – Jamaica
French Book Trade in Enlightenment Europe – Europe
Gazetteer of Sixteenth Century Florence – Florence
GeoBib – Europe
Geocoded Art – Global
Geodia – Maritime: Mediterranean
Geography of the Post – location
German Traces NYC – New York
Geschichtomat – Hamburg
GlamMap – Global
Global Middle Ages Project – Global
Going to the Show – North Carolina
Google Ancient Places – location
Great Britain Historical GIS / A Vision of Britain through Time – United Kingdom
Grub Street Project – London
Hestia – location
HGIS Germany – Germany
Hidden Florence – Florence
Hidden Patterns of the Civil War – United States
HISGIS – Netherlands
Historical Geography of facilities for people with intellectual disabilities in Australia – Australia
Historical Town Atlas of the Czech Republic – Czech Republic
Holocaust Geographies – Europe
Hypercities – Global
Ieldran – England
imagineRio : An Illustrated Diachronic Atlas of Rio de Janeiro’s Urban and Social Evolution – Brazil
Irish Speakers and the Empire City – New York
Japan Historic Agriculture Browsing System – Japan
JoyceWays – Dublin
Kansas City Literary Map – Kansas City
Know Your Place – location
Langscape – Global
Learned Societies in the Russian Empire – Russia
Linguistic Atlas Projects – United States
Linguistic geographies: the Gough Map of Great Britain and its Making – United Kingdom
Literary Atlas of Europe – Europe
Locating London’s Past – London
London Gallery Project – London
Lviv Interactive Map – Ukraine
Map of Early Modern London – London
Mapping A Writer’s World – United States
Mapping Books – North America
Mapping Decadence – France
Mapping Decline – location
Mapping Detroit Slavery – Detroit-Michigan
Mapping Du Bois – location
Mapping Dubliners – Dublin
Mapping Gothic France – France
Mapping History – Global
Mapping Medieval Chester – Chester-England
Mapping Memoirs of Montparnasse – Paris
Mapping Mythology – New York
Mapping Nature in New Granada 1739-1830 – Colombia :: Ecuador :: Panama :: Venzuela :: South America
Mapping Our Anzacs – Australia
Mapping Performance Culture: Nottingham 1857-1867 – Nottingham-England
Mapping Petersburg – Petersburg
Mapping Population Change in Ireland 1841-1851 – Ireland
Mapping Shakespeare’s London – London-England
Mapping Texts – Texas
Mapping The City In Film – location
Mapping The Gulag – lcoation
Mapping The Jewish Communities of the Byzantine Empire – location
Mapping The Lakes – location
Mapping The Long Women’s Movement – United States
Mapping The Medieval Urban Townscape – United Kingdom
Mapping The Republic of Letters – Europe
Mapping the Spread of American Slavery – United States
MayaArch3D Project – Central America & Caribbean
Media NOLA – New Orleans
MESH: Mapping Edinburgh’s Social History – Edinburgh-Scotland
Miéville’s Geolocative Cities – Global
Myths on Maps – Canada – North America :: Canada :: United States
Negro Travellers Green Book – United States
New York City Graffiti and Street Art Project – New York
Nolli Map – Oregon-US
NYC Space/Time Directory – New York
NYC Space/Time Directory – New York
Old Maps Online – Global
On The Line – location
Orbis – location
Palimpsest – Edinburgh
Pelagios – location
PhilaPlace – Philadelphia
Phone Booth – London
Photogrammar – United States
Placing Literature – Global
Pleiades – location
Pox Americana – United States
Records of Early English Drama – England
Redlining Richmond – location
Regnum Francorum Online – Europe
Routes of Sefarad – Spain
Salem Witch Trials – Virginia-US
Slave Revolt in Jamaica 1760-1761 – Jamaica
Space of Slovenian Literary Culture – Solvenia
Spatial History Project at Stanford – Palo Alto-CA-US
Spatial Humanities at the Scholars’ Lab – location
Stories of the Susquehanna – New York :: Pennsylvania
Streets of Mourning – Europe
Texas Slavery Project – Texas
The Area Told As A Story – Global
The Historical Gazetteer of England’s Place-Names – England :: United Kingdom
The Roaring Twenties – New York
The World Atlas of Language Structures Online (WALS Online) – Global
Tracks in Time – location
Trading Consequences – location
Travelogue – Global
Unveiling the Exhibition – United Kingdom
Urban Transition Historical GIS Project – United States
Valley of the Shadow – Virginia
Verbrannte Orte – location
Vilniaus LiteratÅ«ra – location
Virtual Morgantown – location
Vision of Britain – United Kingdom
Visualizing Early Washington DC – Washington DC-US
Visualizing Emancipation – United States
Visualizing Scriptoria: Mapping Sites of Manuscript Production in Medieval Iceland – Iceland
Visualizing Urban Geographies – Edinburgh
Visualizing Venice – Venice
Voluntary Hospitals Database – United Kingdom
Voting America – United States
Walking Ulysses – Dublin
Walt Whitman’s Poetry Reprints 1838-1892 – Global
Yellow Star Houses – location