About Us

In August, 2013 the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) approved the formation of the GeoHumanities Special Interest Group, and our activities have been underway since. The group’s focus centers on geospatial and spatial-temporal perspectives in the digital humanities. The original proposal can be downloaded here. Now ten years in existence, we continue to further develop this website and explore new trends in the field of geohumanities, and to promote international and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Our principal means of communication are the blog on this site and an email list. Please subscribe here. The group also has a Twitter account, @GeoHum_SIG

Co-convenors for the SIG are Patricia Murrieta-Flores, Michael Page, and Benjamin Vis.

Patricia Murrieta-Flores (Lancaster University) – p(dot)a(dot)murrieta(hyphen)flores(at)lancaster(dot)ac(dot)uk

Michael Page (Emory University) – michael(dot)page(at)emory(dot)edu

Werner Stangl (CNRS-CREDA/EHESS Paris, France, and University of Graz, Austria) – werner(dot)stangl(at)gmail(dot)com

Benjamin Vis (University of Kent) – B(dot)N(dot)Vis(at)kent(dot)ac(dot)uk

“The goals of the GeoHumanities SIG are to create a venue for pooling knowledge and best practices for relevant existing digital tools and methods, to foster the collaborative development of shared resources and new tools and extensions to geospatial software, and to keep humanist scholars at large informed about the possibilities and inherent pitfalls in their use.”

SIG-Co-founders: Katherine Hart  & Karl Grossner

Analyzing literary and artistic representations of landscape to understand how people have imagined and interacted with their environment over time.

  • Studying the social and political dimensions of urban space, including issues of segregation, gentrification, and access to public resources.
  • Examining the role of place in shaping identity, memory, and cultural practices, particularly in relation to indigenous communities and other marginalized groups.

Overall, geohumanities seeks to bridge the gap between the natural sciences and the humanities and to promote a more holistic understanding of the complex relationships between people, places, and environments.

The GeoHumanities Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations focuses on the geospatial and spatial-temporal perspectives in the digital humanities. We host a mailing list (subscribe easily here) and tweet and re-tweet items we think will interest to our members, as @GeoHum_SIG.