Humanities GIS Projects

This catalog was seeded from John Levin's Anterotesis DH GIS Projects list. We would like to improve the interface and functionality in 2016. Please contact us if you are able to help!

Japan Historic Agriculture Browsing System

In Japanese, so I'm relying on Google Translate. Historic maps from the early Meiji period, mid to late nineteenth century, geo-corrected.

Where: Japan


Forthcoming from Boston College (USA), an iPhone app mapping James Joyce's work onto Dublin.

Where: Dublin

Kansas City Literary Map

Marking literary landmarks across Kansas, Texas, USA.


Know Your Place

From Bristol Council, a project to map that city's history, using current and historical maps, and allowing the public to add items.



Langscape is an interactive online map that allows users to discover the languages spoken at any point on the globe, and then to uncover resources for learning about them. Langscape currently maps around 6400 of the world’s languages. Beyond the map is information about demographics, language families, and (for many languages) sound systems, bibliographies, word lists, audio recordings and text materials

Where: Global

Learned Societies in the Russian Empire

This visualization examines a database of learned societies established between 1766 and 1917 in Russia, permitting exploration of the spatial and chronological spread of these institutions.

Where: Russia

Linguistic Atlas Projects

Studying English dialects in the USA.

Where: United States

Linguistic geographies: the Gough Map of Great Britain and its Making

Investigating the Gough Map of circa 1360.

Literary Atlas of Europe

Revitalised! Very interesting investigations into European literature.

Where: Europe

Locating London's Past

London Lives. Blog:

Where: London

London Gallery Project

Local/Global: Mapping Nineteenth-Century London's Art Market

Where: London

Lviv Interactive Map

Lviv, in the Ukraine, mapped in various historical dimensions.

Where: Ukraine