BatchGeo is an online service that maps address data as points. The cut and paste interface makes it easy to convert a spreadsheet of street addressed into a map can be embedded or downloaded as a KML file. A limited number of addresses can be mapped for free; large files require a subscription.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a web mapping service application that includes street maps, satellite images, street view perspectives, as well as web functions such as routing and geocoding. The API can be used outside of the normal Google Maps interface for other projects.


ZeeMaps quickly maps point data on Google base maps in two ways:
1) The user uploads a .csv file of data points and their locations.
2) A group of users all add their own data location points to the map, on their own time from their own devices.
Each point can include text, video, image, or audio annotations.
Basic functionality is free; larger uploads and large numbers of maps require a paid subscription.


A global geographical database that may be used to identify and tag all references to location. The database contains over 8 million entries, each of which possesses a geographic name (in various languages), latitude, longitude, elevation, population, administrative subdivision and postal codes and information on unique features.
Built upon web service, enabling transparent look-up and use of content through third-party tools and sites
Browse by geographic location, country name, size of geographic region and other categories.
Full text search support