A statistical package that may be used to compare quantified assemblages of broken and incomplete objects, such as ceramics, glass and bones. Pie-Slice uses Estimated Vessel Equivalent (EVE) as a base form of measurement, in which each measurable fraction is scored as a fraction of a complete vessel. It also trials the use of a new statistical transformation - the pseudo-count transformation - which converts EVEs into Pottery Information Equivalents (PIEs). The latter enables assemblages to be compared using techniques such as log-linear and correspondence analyses. The resultant output is visualised through the use of GNUPlot.
User-defined variables that may be tailored to specifics of the object being described
Visual depiction of the relationship between assemblage variables (e.g. pottery forms), which may be used to evaluate their statistical significance

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University College London
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Monday, 6 June, 2016 - 20:00