GeoHumanities Editors for DiRT named

GeoDiRT editors are members of the Geohumanities SIG who have volunteered to be DiRT editors, focusing on adding and maintaining information about tools relevant to geospatial research.

  •     Kathy Weimer (Texas A&M University) - Head GeoDiRT Editor
  •     Abby Mullen (Northeastern University) - DiRT Steering Committee liaison to GeoDiRT editors
  •     Eliza Bettinger (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
  •     John H Clark (Lafayette College)
  •     Stuart Dunn (King's College London)
  •     Nicole Kong (Purdue University)
  •     Rachel Murphy (University College Cork)
  •     Christine Murray (University of Pennsylvania)
  •     Leslie Rowe (Selkirk College)
  •     Moacir P. de Sá Pereira (Vilnius Gediminas Technical University)

Submit New Resources

The GeoHumanities SIG is very interested in providing additional tool-related information and support, to expand upon the DiRT Directory with an enhanced catalog and descriptions of projects which use those tools, tutorials relating to the tools and tool reviews.   The first step in this catalog creation is to create a list of those resources.  If you have a resource that you would like added, please submit them on this short form