NYPL Meeting: Moving Historical Geodata to the Web

A workshop of potential interest to many digital humanists, titled “Moving Historical Geodata to the Web,” was held recently at the New York Public Library, organized by NYPL's Geospatial Librarian, Matt Knutzen (5-7 Nov 2014) [presentation slides]. A diverse group of 50+ worked towards a shared research agenda spanning the several subtopics embedded within that broad theme. Participants included map librarians, map and geodata repository engineers, web mapping software developers, university GIS support center leaders, principals from national historical GIS projects, and Digital Humanities research designers/developers.

Plenary discussions and breakout groups aimed at elaborating basic taxonomies of steps in the data life cycle, use cases, user types/groups, software tools, data types, and methods. Although no summary document was produced, those activities helped achieve a clearer shared understanding of the many conceptual and technical aspects of the broader goal. There was some discussion attempting to enumerate elements of a "BIG VISION." The final day was devoted to a collaboration-building exercise, resulting in many if not all participants committing to some joint efforts with one or more others in the group.

The following blog posts offer further detail: