A note on GeoHumanities SIG leadership changes

Dear GeoHumanists,
It's coming up on four years since we co-founded the GeoHumanities SIG of ADHO in 2013. In that time, the SIG has begun fostering community amongst those digital humanists whose research is geographically focused or inflected. Our efforts to that end have included: convening workshops and hosting dinners at DH conferences, launching a web site and coordinating associated initiatives (GIS project list, GeoDiRT), publicizing community-related events and projects with our Twitter account (@GeoHum_SIG) and email list, and advocating for an enhanced role for SIGs in ADHO and in DH conference programs (in 2016 Kathy took on the newly developed role, SIG Convener’s liaison to ADHO Executive Committee).
Although we can count several successes, there remains significant untapped potential for the GeoHumanities SIG. We have no governing bylaws, but now seems a good time to rotate some new members into leadership roles, and possibly to make some significant changes to leadership organization. After this year's DH conference in Montreal, Karl will step away from his co-chair role. Kathy will continue participating in some capacity into the next year to transition new leadership.
We would like to begin a discussion amongst all our members (several hundred email list subscribers and Twitter followers) about what happens next. A first question might be whether members want to continue with a co-chair leadership structure or possibly extend it to a steering committee?  Is there a need for an Advisory Committee, or could that be disbanded? As part of the transitions, we should consider working up some long term goals  We received lots of great suggestions in response to the survey we conducted in 2016, Is there a way forward on some of the initiatives that were most strongly supported (http://geohumanities.org/survey-results)?
At the Montreal meeting we will organize our usual SIG dinner, and we'd also like to arrange a meeting of the minds about the group's organization. Let's arrive in Montreal with some discussion under our belt via the SIG email list (a good way to provide input whether attending DH2017 or not). Please help us get the ball rolling by responding!
If you don't yet subscribe to our email list, it's easy to do, here.
best regards,
Kathy Hart Weimer
Karl Grossner