SIG Member Survey Results

Over the last few months we have solicited member response to a short survey in which we proposed five activities the SIG might consider undertaking, if there were sufficient interest from its members, including willingness to contribute. While most of the roughly two dozen respondents thought all five were good ideas, three activities in particular would garner the most supporting energy: (1) a committee to study and further peer review mechanisms; (2) developing a list of experts; and (3) curating a collection of GeoHumanities-related syllabi.

Towards a Peer Review of GeoHumanities Projects

As you may remember, there was a pre-conference workshop at DH2015 in Sydney, co-organized by myself and the co-chairs of the GeoHumanities SIG, Kathy Weimer and Karl Grossner.  The subject of the workshop was "Exploring Peer Review in the GeoHumanities."  We built upon existing DH Commons