The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) has approved the formation of the GeoHumanities Special Interest Group (SIG), and our activities are just now under way. The SIG's focus is on spatial, spatial-temporal and "placial" perspectives in the digital humanities. We host a mailing list (subscribe easily here) and tweet and re-tweet items we think will interest to our members, as @GeoHum_SIG.


Seeking GeoHumanities Editors for DiRT

The GeoHumanities SIG and DiRT are seeking individuals to serve as GeoHumanities Editors for the DiRT directory (dirtdirectory.org), a longstanding, well-regarded source of information about tools available to support scholarship in the humanities.

Further details...

GeoHumanities Resources

We are planning to help ringlead a GeoDiRT section of the Bamboo DiRT DH resource portal. Expect to see that in early 2014. In the meantime, here are a few lists and clearinghouses of GeoHumanities-related resources we're aware of. Please let us know of others, with a tweet (@GeoHum_SIG) or message on the SIG mailing list.