Humanities GIS Projects

This catalog was seeded from John Levin's Anterotesis DH GIS Projects list. We would like to improve the interface and functionality in 2016. Please contact us if you are able to help!

Map of Early Modern London

Based on Agas' map from circa 1560.

Where: London

Mapping A Writer's World

The geographic chronology of Willa Cather.

Where: United States

Mapping Books

Various experiments in mapping books.

Where: North America

Mapping Decadence

Mapping the networks of the late nineteenth century Parisian decadents.

Where: France

Mapping Decline

Fascinating investigation into urban decline in St Louis.


Mapping Detroit Slavery

Aims to provide a more complete picture of slavery in the Detroit area for the general public, students, and scholars.


Mapping Du Bois


Mapping Dubliners

Where: Dublin

Mapping Gothic France

Where: France

Mapping History

Where: Global

Mapping Medieval Chester


Mapping Memoirs of Montparnasse

Where: Paris