Humanities GIS Projects

This catalog was seeded from John Levin's Anterotesis DH GIS Projects list. We would like to improve the interface and functionality in 2016. Please contact us if you are able to help!

Grub Street Project

Very interesting mapping of early modern London's literature and publishing using contemporary maps.

Where: London


Mapping the ancient Mediterranean via Herodotus.


HGIS Germany

Various maps and data relating to Germany

Where: Germany

Hidden Florence

Smartphone app guiding users around early Modern Florence, with some of the material downloadable from the website.

Where: Florence

Hidden Patterns of the Civil War

A set of interrelated projects on the American Civil War, of which 5 are maps.

Where: United States


Dutch National GIS under development (and in Dutch).

Where: Netherlands

Historical Geography of facilities for people with intellectual disabilities in Australia

Where: Australia

Historical Town Atlas of the Czech Republic

In English and Czech, maps and terrain of the Czech Republic.

Holocaust Geographies

Under development; a blurb can be found at

Where: Europe



A digital research and educational platform for exploring, learning about, and interacting with the layered histories of city and global spaces.

Where: Global


Mapping early Anglo-Saxon cemetaries in England.

Where: England