Humanities GIS Projects

This catalog was seeded from John Levin's Anterotesis DH GIS Projects list. We would like to improve the interface and functionality in 2016. Please contact us if you are able to help!

Beijing in Transition

A Historical GIS Study of Urban Cultures, 1912-1937. In Chinese and English.

Where: Beijing

Belgisch HISGIS

Geo-historical statistics, 1800-1963/2003.

Where: Belgium

Beyond Steel

Industry and Society in 19th and 20th century LeHigh County, Pennsylvania.

Where: Pennsylvania


Bomb Sight is mapping the WW2 bomb census in London using web and mobile mapping technology.

Where: London

Caribbean Cholera Map

Very interesting medical history map and timeline from Duke University's Haiti Project.


Under development. Creating a historic placename gazetteer for the U.K.

Charles Booth Online Archive

Archive of the Victorian social investigator, including his famed poverty maps of London.

Where: London

China Historical GIS

Covering Chinese history between 221 BCE and 1911 CE.

Where: China

Chinese Civilization in Time and Space

Ambitious project that appears dormant, without having produced any maps.

Where: China

City Witness

This project will create an on-line interactive map of Swansea c. 1300, showing its principal topographical and landscape features, alongside an electronic edition of the fourteenth-century witness testimonies describing the hanging in Swansea of the Welshman, William Cragh, by the lord of Gower. This will provide multiple vantage points on the town and the significations attached to locations within the town by different social and ethnic groups (including Anglo-Norman and Welsh, lay and religious, male and female, lord, burgher, outlaw).

Where: Swansea

Cleveland Historical

The only mobile phone app produced by academics that I've found, now with an improved supporting website.

Where: Cleveland

Colonial Dispatches

Digitizations of maps, many with added placename information, as part of a large archive on Vancouver Island and British Columbia.

Where: Canada