Humanities GIS Projects

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Beijing in Transition

Where: Beijing

Belgisch HISGIS

Where: Belgium

Beyond Steel

Where: Pennsylvania


Where: London

Borderlands Archives Cartography

Dedicated to locate, map and facilitate the access to nineteenth and mid-twentieth centuries digital newspapers from the United States and Mexico border region. Through visualizations, BAC's digital map projects the geographic location of the publishing newspaper establishments which can be found in BAC's website, along with other information to provide deeper understanding from a transnational historical and archival context. The objective is to bring to the forefront the history of the borderlands and its communities before and after the current division line was established in order to expand the notion of borders, methodologies, data analysis and the use of archival material leading to new forms of interdisciplinary research.

Submitted bySylvia Fernández



Where: Mexico

Caribbean Cholera Map


Charles Booth Online Archive

Where: London

China Historical GIS

Where: China

China Meteorological Publications 1872-1951

As part of Ministry of Education Academic Research Fund Tier-2 project in Singapore, Chen Yehning, Chu Junhong and Ivan Png compiled a digital collection of daily China weather records spanning 1872-1951, from paper records in libraries and archives in the China, Japan, Taiwan and the USA. NUS Libraries created a listing and geovisualisation of the collection.

Where: China

Chinese Civilization in Time and Space

Where: China

City Witness

Where: Swansea