Place and Period in an Emerging Global Gazetteer: a proposed DH2014 workshop

Geography is an important aspect of many digital humanities research projects, and gazetteer access and development are often essential to them. In projects involving mapping or spatial analysis, named and/or unnamed places must be resolved to spatial locations described by a coordinate system. If we want something to appear on a map, we need to say where to place the marker, however it may be annotated for uncertainty.

Towards DH and GeoDiRT taxonomies

Led by Quinn Dombrowski at UC Berkeley, Project Bamboo is undertaking a reorganization of its resource listings, along with many other new developments. One early step has been the creation of a "Taxonomy of DH Research Activities and Objects." A draft document was made public this past summer and comments closed September 27th. Quinn is taking a brief pause in the process until early next year, but shared the draft and comments with us (SIG co-chairs, yours truly and Kathy Weimer), and we have begun figuring out where the geospatial lives in the taxonomy.